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Laughing Waters offers an energizing surrounding for events and programs that promote self-transformation and environmental awareness. Past events have included healing arts, yoga, sustainability, organic growing, dance, bodywork, concerts, quiet retreats and joyful celebrations.

We invite you to contact us about holding an event at Laughing Waters whether a wedding, workshop, retreat or another private event. Click here...

Date Title Category
Oct.24.2014 - Oct.26.2014
Yoga Retreat Healing Arts
Oct.30.2014 - Nov.04.2014
Private Retreat Private Retreat
Nov.07.2014 - Nov.09.2014
Private Event Healing Arts
Nov.15.2014 - Nov.15.2014
Jubilee Choir Retreat Private Event
Nov.25.2014 - Nov.30.2014
Private Retreat Private Retreat
Apr.25.2015 - Apr.26.2015
Wedding Wedding
May.01.2015 - May.03.2015
Wedding Wedding
May.23.2015 - May.25.2015
Wedding Wedding

“Like the Cherokee who inhabited these mountains and the Gorge before us,
we can deeply attune to the land, respect all the life present, and live consciously in balance with nature.”